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We don’t list prices for a simple reason: we prefer to work with you to give you the best deal possible. It would be unfair to you, our customer, to set an arbitrary price based on past trends. Any time a customer requests an engine quote from us, we pull out our pencils and sharpen them to ensure you get the best deal possible. If you need an engine, please call us for a quote today!

Toyota Celica Engine Replacement Options

Bad news: Your Celica engine has had it, and you need a replacement fast and at a price you can afford.

Good news: We have the best replacement options in the industry for Celica engines at great prices.

Buy a Used Toyota Celica Engine

Wade (extension 224) is our Celica engine specialist. We have a warehouse full of Celica GT engines waiting to ship. They’re tested, precleaned, and prepalletized, just waiting for your order. Call Wade at 901-384-5624.

Used Toyota Celica Engines: Cost savings and quality

We’ve been selling high quality, low mile Toyota Celica used engines for almost a decade both to shops and vehicle owners from all walks of life. Since we specialize in low mileage units, you get the benefits of OEM parts with low wear. We will work with you to get a Celica engine that fits your budget based on what we currently have available.

We sell Celica engines for 2000-2005 Celicas only. Please call Wade for a free quote at 901-384-5624. In addition to quoting you, we will answer your questions and direct you as you go through the engine replacement process.

You didn’t plan on your Celica engine failing. Working with us is your best plan for finding a high quality, fair cost Celica engine.

To get a quote, call us at (800) 709-9233. You can also fill out a request form to get a quote on your Celica engine.

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Toyota Celica used engine directory

Year Make / Model Engine Size VIN Code/Engine Code/Transmission Type
2005 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “R”
2005 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “Y”
2004 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “R”
2004 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “Y”
2003 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “Y”
2003 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “R”
2002 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “Y”
2002 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “R”
2001 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “R”
2001 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “Y”
2000 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “R”
2000 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8L (1794cc) VIN “Y”

The Toyota Celica GT engine is in incredibly high demand. With some suppliers, prices can soar while quality drops. Not with Low Mileage Engines. All of our 2000 to 2005 Celica GT used engines are backed with an industry leading warranty. These are some of the lowest mileage, highest quality used engines in the nation – at a great price. We always have these engines ready to go, so call us at 901-266-9996 or request a free quote today.

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