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We don’t list prices for a simple reason: we prefer to work with you to give you the best deal possible. It would be unfair to you, our customer, to set an arbitrary price based on past trends. Any time a customer requests an engine quote from us, we pull out our pencils and sharpen them to ensure you get the best deal possible. If you need an engine, please call us for a quote today!


Used Jaguar engines by year:

2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 20092008200720062005 | 2004200320022001200019991998199719961995

Jaguar Models:

Jaguar XJ6 engine Jaguar XJ8 engine Jaguar XJ12 engine
Jaguar XJR supercharged engine Jaguar XK8 engine Jaguar XKR engine
Jaguar XR8 engine Jaguar S Type engine Jaguar X Type engine
Jaguar XF engine Jaguar Vanden Plas Engine

If the transmission and suspension in your Jaguar are good, replacing the engine in your Jaguar is most likely a good option. Keep in mind that while replacing a Jaguar engine takes more than pocket change, the cost to do so pales in comparison to buying a new or even a used Jaguar.

Finally, keep in mind that the value of a vehicle with a blown engine is no more than 1/4 of its wholesale value with a good engine. In other words, if KBB values your Jaguar at $15,000 retail, wholesale is probably no more than $10,000. If you see $2500 for it, you’re doing well! Yes, we think it makes sense to replace your engine. Let us help you save up to 60% over a remanufactured engine or a crate engine. Our standard warranty is excellent, and we offer up to three year part and labor warranties. Save money and buy with confidence – the best of both worlds.

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