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We don’t list prices for a simple reason: we prefer to work with you to give you the best deal possible. It would be unfair to you, our customer, to set an arbitrary  price based on past trends. Any time a customer requests an engine quote from us, we pull out our pencils and sharpen them to ensure you get the best deal  possible. If you need an engine, please call us for a quote today!

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Used Jeep engines by year:

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Jeep Cherokee Engine Jeep Commander Engine Jeep Compass Used Engine
Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Jeep Grand Wagoneer Engine Jeep Liberty Engine
Jeep Patriot Used Engine Jeep Wagoneer Engine Jeep Wrangler Used Engine

Why buy a replacement Jeep Engine?

If your Jeep is down due to a bad engine, you’re probably wondering what your options are. In these hard economic times, a new vehicle is not an option for many Americans, and used vehicle prices seem to have gotten out of control.

Because of this, buying a used Jeep engine makes more sense now than ever! With one of our used engines, you can save money. You save money over a new car. You save money over a used car. And you save money over a remanufactured engine. Our customers also have the assurance that comes with our industry leading warranty. At Low Mileage Engines, we believe the old adage which states that a quality product comes with a quality warranty. That’s why our warranty is the strongest in the industry.

Take a look at our testimonials, and then please, call us with any questions. You can reach us at 800-709-9233.

We’re sorry you need an engine for your Jeep, but we’re proud to offer you a quality replacement you’ll be driving for long to come.
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