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A History of the Ford Lincoln


Lincoln Motors was founded in 1917 by engineer, inventor, two-time Dewar trophy winner and automotive pioneer Henry Leland, who also helped found Cadillac from the remnants of the Henry Ford Motor Company. Lincoln Motors was originally founded to make Liberty aircraft engines for WWI, but these were produced too late for the war effort, and Leland’s response was to design a luxury car to put them in. The first Lincoln L-series cars were produced in 1920. Perhaps because their body styling was different from other luxury cars, they didn’t sell well, and Lincoln went bankrupt and was bought by Ford in 1922 (Henry Ford purchase is often considered an act of payback to Leland, who had forced him out of a previous company). Ford made no immediate changes to the chassis or the original Liberty engine, which was notable for its L-head design with a 60 degree separation of the cylinder blocks. This reduced the vibration levels found in the more common 90-degree engines of the time.


However, the 1922 Ford Lincoln got a new body design, and this made it a much better seller. Ford sold over 5,000 Lincolns in 1992, whereas before the takeover Leland had sold only 150. Various body styles (sedan, roadster, limousine, town car, cabriolet, etc.) were available beginning in 1923. The specially equipped touring sedan known as the Police Flyer debuted in 1924.


From 1931-42, Lincoln produced the K series. Originally known as the Model K, this model retained V8 Liberty engine until 1932, when the Model K split into the KA and KB models; the KA had a 125-horsepower engine while the KB received a new 6.3-liter V12 engine, a 150-horsepower engine with a 65-degree L-head design. Beginning in 1933, the KA featured a (different) 6.3-liter V12 engine. In 1934, both models had the same engine, a 6.8-liter version of the KA engine. In 1935, the Model K name was reinstated for both cars, and there were no further engine changes to the K as its sales were eclipsed by the Zephyr’s.

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