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We don’t list prices for a simple reason: we prefer to work with you to give you the best deal possible. It would be unfair to you, our customer, to set an arbitrary price based on past trends. Any time a customer requests an engine quote from us, we pull out our pencils and sharpen them to ensure you get the best deal possible. If you need an engine, please call us for a quote today!


Used Nissan engines by year

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Nissan Models:

Nissan 240SX engine Nissan 200SX engine Nissan 300ZX engine
Nissan 350Z engine Nissan 370Z engine Nissan Altima engine
Nissan Armada engine Nissan Maxima engine Nissan Murano engine
Nissan Pathfinder engine Nissan Rogue engine Nissan Titan engine
Nissan Sentra engine Nissan Xterra engine



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Nissan replacement engine considerations


Nissan makes a fantastic product, both mechanically and visually. Nissan engines will hold up well with high mileage if they are properly maintained. When buying a used Nissan engine, just as with any other engine, it is important to make sure that you are purchasing a low mileage engine. If you don’t, you could be throwing your money away.


Why buy low mileage? When you purchase a Low Mileage Engine, you’re getting an engine that typically has low wear. The lower the mileage, the closer to a new engine you’re getting. Every day, we sell low mileage Nissan car, truck, and SUV engines to customers all over the United States. Our warranty is unsurpassed, making an investment in one of our engines worthwhile.


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