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Used Low Mileage Engines – Foreign and Domestic

Save Money with Mileage Verification

Your mechanic has called with bad news: you need an Engine! Please relax, because we’re going to walk you through the engine replacement process. We will even help you find a quality mechanic. Best of all we’re going to save you a lot of money! To get started please click above on our used engines request form and we will then call you with quotes on the used engine you need. We can have your engine shipped anywhere in the U.S.A!

When you purchase an engine from Low Mileage Engines, you are getting an engine that has an actual verified miles. We take great pride in assisting each and every customer we speak with. Not only will we make sure you can “drive that extra mile”, we are always willing to go the extra mile for you in service and satisfaction! We sell quality Mileage Verified Replacement Engines. If we don’t have the engine or transmission you need in stock, we’ll find it for you!

Used Auto Engines / Used Truck Engines

We carry a complete line of engines for passenger vehicles and light and medium duty trucks. Whether you drive a Toyota Camry, a Nissan Altima, or a Saab 9-5, we have an engine available for almost every late model vehicle. You can see a complete listing of models we carry engines for in our engine directory below.

Please keep in mind, when purchasing a used engine, you must make certain that you are being told the truth on the mileage. Request a FREE Vehicle History Report before you purchase any used engine! This very well may save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

All of our engines are warrantied!

Please take a look around our site! Check out our Engine Directory! Fill out an engine request. Read some of the testimonials from our previous customers!