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David K. – Toledo, Ohio

Thanks for your assistance in getting me the engine for my 2005 C230. I was not in a good mood when I learned that the car I had just recently purchased would need a new engine, as the old one had been badly damaged by poor re-assembly and head gasket replacement. I had been searching online, and had found a couple of engines, and one with a 5 year guarantee.

You spoke to me, gave me some specific information about how the used engine market works and told me you would find me a great low mileage engine. You also explained why the “5 year guarantee” was a scam. I appreciate all your work, and the time you spent. You ended up getting me a great engine, and giving me great tools to insure that my mechanic installed the new engine to assure me of a great result.

I now have a 2005 Mercedes C230 with what is functionally a new engine, with all key wear items replaced, and the engine itself has about half the mileage of the car itself. It starts and runs beautifully, like a new car.

Again thanks for all your time, and for explaining the whole process. As a bonus, the engine was delivered 2 days BEFORE I expected it, and was wrapped and securely attached to the pallet. In all a very smooth process, and your total price ended up lower than the other engine I had found, even though it was lower mileage.