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Joe – Rogersville, Missouri

I am finally getting around to thanking you for your honest representation of the engine that we purchased from you. I was really stressed over the replacement of the engine in our 2001 corolla. I had the business that replaced the engine follow your warranty steps to the tee.

The only step that we didn’t do was the replacement of the fuel filter (which is in the gas tank) and it was very expensive to do this. He state in his inspection that the engine was in very good condition (just as you had represented it). The car is running great.

My wife and I appreciate the fair pricing you extended us. The toyota dealership wanted $4200.00 to put a used engine (70,000 mi plus) in the car. The came to $2900.00 including a clutch kit. Thank you

I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know that is the same situation. It was a very good experience.