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Verified Miles – 1st Supplier on Used Engines

Low Mileage Engines was the first company in the USA to provide a mileage verification report with every domestic origin used engine we sell. We verify the miles and email you the report before you pay us!

When you buy a used low mileage engine with a vehicle history report, you are getting a used low mileage engine with “True Miles.”

Furthermore, on most used low mileage engines (10 years or less in model years), you can match the VIN on the Vehicle History Report to the numbers on the engine, by calling your local car dealership. That way you know you received exactly the low mileage used engine you ordered!

First Class Customer Service You can Count On…

To sum up….at Low Mileage Engines we understand the meaning of the words “Honesty & Integrity” and we operate our business everyday by “The Golden Rule”. This is why we provide a vehicle history report to verify the mileage on your quality used Low Mileage Engine.
Please Remember……..
If we would not sell the same used low mileage engine to our families we would most certainly not sell it to YOU!